Installation | Exhibition 

آب زیر یونجه
Can visual language be seperated from meaning? 
In this installation the written language of Farsi was projected onto the seats of a movie theater. Done so to create an anamorphic drawing. When audiences entered the theater they were the walking and sitting on the painted words.
Only to see the full word when they looked into the theater screen. Done so via a closed circuit video.

May 2017

ab-e zyr-e kaah

May 2017

The idea to create the closed circuit video was borrowed from the Minimalist model of the 1960s and 1970s, which used the strategy as a means to “transform space into a perceptual field.” While the anamorphic drawing was influenced by surrealist art work. Both components of the installation are also intended to be viewed as a mimetic act. While the drawing also provided audiences with a secondary physical material, what I would like to consider not entirely image based or visual language, to interact with.